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So, you’re getting a camper! You’ll need a list.

Updated July 1, 2023

Once you have acquired (or planning to get) a camper, the fun begins! Your RV will be your home when you’re on the road, so everything you need and use at home – inside and out — will be needed in your own Cabin on Wheels.

It’s not practical to move these items from your home to camper and back again when you travel. It’s best to outfit your camper with things that stay there. That way, all you’ll have to do before a trip is pack food, linens and personal items and you’re ready to go.

Some people buy everything new for their new trailer, and that’s one way to go. Our approach to outfitting our travel trailer was a combination of using old stuff we weren’t using any more (like my old cookware set from my single days) and purchasing other camper-specific items (such as an outdoor carpet or mat) when we don’t have what we need.

I’ve gone through our camper and made a list of everything we keep there and use regularly. I’ve prepared a free checklist — with categories for Kitchen, Bed & Bath, Cleaning, Outdoor Space, Utilities, Pets, Personal Items and Miscellaneous — just for my readers to help you outfit your own camper.

Download it today, and start packing!

We’ve also compiled a list of things you’ll need for your camper and your Go Bag with links to buy on Amazon. We receive a small commission when you purchase using these links, which helps keep Our Cabin on Wheels on the road.