Our camper parked outside of Reynolds Brewery in Eden NC.
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Harvest Hosts Review: Reynolds Brewery, Eden, NC

Reynolds Brewery in Eden, NC was our last overnight during our first trip of the year. We were headed home to Newport News, VA, after visiting my mom in Hendersonville, NC. The route we took was mostly back roads – a slower and more scenic way to go.

Eden, NC is a former mill town, and Reynolds Brewery is located in the building that once the Fieldcrest Mills water works, right on US 311. It’s got a cool vibe, with exposed brick and beams.

Two pints of beer.
Caspian White Blonde Ale at Reynolds Brewery in Eden, NC.

When we arrived, owner Chip Reynolds came out from his office to direct us to the parking area – a grassy field adjacent to the brewery. The parking was not quite level. We leveled with three boards, then headed inside for food and drink.

Reynolds Brewery was busy on the Thursday evening we were there, filled with locals and workers from the Purina plant under construction nearby.  It quieted down after post-work drinks/dinner rush.

In addition to several beers on tap – we sampled the Caspian White Blonde Ale and the Ruffian Red Ale – Reynolds offers wood-fired pizzas, chicken wings, a selection of bar nibbles and a daily special. We had the pretzel bites with beer cheese and the special, chicken and sausage gumbo. 

We would have tried the pizza – you could see Chip and the other cook in the kitchen preparing them and they looked great – but we had pizza for dinner the night before and leftover pizza or lunch, and needed a break!

Back at the camper, it was pretty quiet, with just a few road noises.

We enjoyed the beer and the bites, and the service was friendly and efficient. If you’re traveling on the Interstate, Reynolds Brewery may be too far to visit. But if you’re taking the back roads and enjoying the journey, be sure to stop in for the pizza, beer and hospitality.

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