Blaze is resting on the CGEAR Original Sand Free RV Mat.
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Things We Love: CGear Original Sand Free RV Mat

We saw our first CGear Original Sand-Free RV mat during a camping trip to Shenandoah National Park. Our camping buddies had one — it worked great to keep the sand and dirt out of their camper — and they loved it. 

Vic standing on the CGEAR Original Sand Free RV Mat.
Vic and Blaze on the CGear Original Sand Free RV Mat.

It was time to replace the indoor/outdoor carpet we’d been using as an RV mat, so we did some research and decided that the Original CGear Sand-Free RV mat was just what we were looking for.

First, a little background. CGear developed the mat for the military as a safe landing spot for military and civilian helicopters. The CGear technology shielded against dust and grit in “unforgiveable” environments. According to CGear, the mats “turned dry, rugged ground into a smooth and stable landing spot.” The company adapted their technology to outdoors and have been selling their high-quality mats – and other sand-free products – directly to consumers.

So how does it work? The CGear Original Sand-Free RV Mat allows sand, dirt and fine particles through its high-density, double layer weave, but doesn’t allow that stuff back up. They’re water resistant and have sturdy d-rings, so you can stake them down. 

The RV mats are sized specifically to fit under standard sized awnings. We’ve been using ours for about a year, and love it. There is a monumental difference in the amount of sand and dirt that gets into the camper, and it’s easy to sweep off twigs and leaves. And it looks great!

Order The RV Mat

The RV mats come in two sizes: 8’x11′ and 8’x14′. Click through to order on Amazon.

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